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Born a photographer, Abbas, an Iranian transplanted to Paris, has dedicated his work to the political and social coverage of the developing South. Since 1970, his major work, published in world magazines, includes wars and revolutions in Biafra, Bangladesh, Ulster, Vietnam, the Middle East, Chile, Cuba, and South Africa with an essay on apartheid. From […]


August Sander (17 November 1876, Herdorf, Rhine Province – 20 April 1964) was a German portrait and documentary. Sander’s first book Face of our Time was published in 1929. Sander has been described as “the most important German portrait photographer of the early twentieth century.” Sander first learned about photography by assisting a photographer who […]


Taiwanese, b. Taiwan 1961 Chien Chi Chang is a photographer from the 90’s who’s work showed powerful emotion and beautiful meaning. He was born (1961) and raised in Taiwan and photographed illegal immigrants there and in america when he moved here. He mostly photographed in Chinatown, New York City. In his work, Chien-Chi Chang makes […]


Let’s start with one of the most famous photographer in the history: Henri Cartier-Bresson. (August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004) He was a French photographer considered to be the father of modern photojournalism. He helped to develop the “street photography” or “real life reportage” style that has influenced generations of photographers who followed. After […]